Everything Else

Poetry and Reflections by Florina Falce

The Language of Flowers

a sample poem )

Imagine a world

Where we speak the language of flowers

Where you can pick your own accent –

The rose, the poppy –

And when you speak

You’ll have undivided attention

As this language knows

First how to be silent

Not to startle the butterflies

The illustrations in Florina’s book and prints convey the message of creation and are inspired by the Japanese Ensō concept. Ensō is the Japanese word for circle and symbolises “absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void)”. Florina’s art traces the path to creation that ultimately  reveals the beauty within ourselves. 

Also available in London at Nomad Books, an independent bookshop on the Fulham Road.

Evolutionary Momentum

another sample )

Our survival instinct turned us into sophisticated beings. But we forget we are part of an ecosystem. There is always a bigger, more powerful force than us. We created tools and weapons to defend ourselves but we also created the ego.

How limiting when the real danger is still the unknown! Or the outer known. Instinctively, we may know that the higher force is “up there” as we tend to look at the sky when we pray. Sadly, God didn’t help the dinosaurs survive. Will God help us? And since we can’t fight bigger rocks, we invented bigger egos to fight. It gives us a way to forget how small we are.

But we haven’t spent all these billion years working so hard to go past the bacteria-, molluscs-, quadrupeds-condition only to become victims of our own creation! We can still choose to see beyond the illusion of the ego and the reality of the ecosystem and enjoy the miracle of being alive.

We can enjoy it as it happens.

Let this realisation be our genetic print in the evolution of our species that can transcend the illusion of time and the triumph of mind over matter.